Time to Start

As always most people start a new year with resolutions, this year I have decided that quite a few changes are in order.

  1. Finish my degree by December 2012 (if that means crazy study and agruging with lecturers then so be it!)
  2. Incorporate vegetables or fruit into each meal of the day
  3. Be more transparent with how I feel (this must be used in a manner which is not people pleasing and not overally selfish on my part)
  4. Complete make-over from head to toe; this will include hair, make-up, clothing and social patterns.

The reasons for these new year resolution is I am tired of being used, mistreated by people and using and treating my body like shit; maybe the saying my body is a temple was not ridiculous after all. I do not know if people are going to read this but I know I will feel better writing it.

So up, up and away, bring on the new Z!!


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