2 weeks Freedom… or really?

Goodbye summer, thanks for the memories see you end of the year!

Well now look at that, I have already reached mid semester at Uni and not suffered a brain hemerage in the process (all though at times I felt like I was going to have one). In the last week I managed to do 3 assignments and not end up writing complete utter bullshit…but to be honest there is always a bit of crap written in all assignments, why do you think academic journals are so fricken long! It is almost a complusary skill to have when writing an academic article.

Reflection time…
Mental state: GOOD
Physical state: AVERAGE
Emotional: POSITIVE

So I have been trying to focus on healthy eating and exercise routine, I do have to say I have come a long was since last year where I basically lived off the cheapest and nastiest processed food you can find, drove everywhere or bused. I do notice however that I do have a bit more energy and that I do prefer to work places rather than drive, woop woop improvement! The challenge for me over the next two weeks is to try and keep up 1 hour of walking for 4 days, hmmm that might be difficult since I do not have uni but work instead… NO EXCUSES however so either its change it up and work something out or go back to old habit, which I do not want to do!

Now that I have two weeks off, I am starting to think is it really 2 weeks off? Yes I don’t have to go to uni but I am now rostered on to do more work.. Plus on top of that I have to start reading literature review and not just 4 or 5 but 20!!! and I can’t get away with reading the abstract cause they what us to write our own interpretation of the article, so yeah really doesn’t feel like a break does it.. pffft




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