Time travel’s fast!


I love when you find something that completely inspires you and wraps you up it addiction! My sister-law wrote about having visited this site and that was it, I became completely in love with the Radical Self Love Project by Gala Darling. She not only makes you turn the scope back on yourself but she makes you realise that you should chase your own dreams of happiness and not conform to what society thinks and expects of you! We all conform at sometime, sometimes you have to but Gala is right in saying that you should never lose who you are in light of it. I have been reading all her articles (should be studying, but hey no one is perfect) and it just strengthen how I feel about being me, it make me embrace my inner child or as some of my friend might say my inner cray cray… So most likely the more I read the more I will be happy and the more I will be cray cray (excellent can’t wait!)


Where the hell is time going? I know the saying as you get older time goes faster, but this is ridiculous! Seriously, I feel like I blink and BAM! 1 week has flown by…. The fact I am in week 10 of UNI is scary and starting to feel a bit overwhelming, but not to worry I am doing a lot better than last year! which I am soooo stoked about, now its just to make sure that I pass the important parts (end of semester exams and/or assignments) So I will leave it at that, I had my best friends 21st on the weekend, I somehow managed to get up and say something coherently and without embarrassing myself so an overall success!
So good luck everyone, have a fab time! 
Your Cray Cray

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