A Florence of a Time

So about a year ago I heard Florence & the Machine, little did I know that I would be going to her concert a year later! It was held at Vector Area, in Auckland and strangely enough it was on a Monday night?! What really drew me about this concert was the fact that there was a large age range, my estimation would be between 15-55, it was really nice to see a mixture of generations. Florence sung the whole hour and a half! She was incredible, some of her pop like songs she sung almost acoustic if was so beautiful. The only let down for me was that I got caught in the rain on the way to the concert and had to stand through the whole things soaking wet! I did however dry off a bit, but was still damp by the time I got home. Overall I would recommend people who are interested in this genre of music to go and see Florence & the Machine, it is worth every penny!

Now back to study, exams are looming and my stress levels are rising!



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