The Big Leagues

Well it now has come a time to be a bit more professional, and by meaning a bit more professional it means getting a domain name! Yes I did it, has been established. It currently has nothing on it as I am still trying to figure out how to connect his blog to the website….
What made me make this decision? well it is the last year of my study (fingers crossed) and going out into the big wide world is quite daunting, especially when you have been a student for coming up about 4 years. You get into a routine of things, how much money you have per week or how many (or few) hours you work per week etc.. I thought this blog was intended to be my chronicle of 2012 and what it has in stored for me; but now I want to also continue with what happens after I graduate. That in itself is worth documenting about!
So $16 got me 2 years of the domain name, now I just have to figure out how to connect everything up!
On a side note it is the third week back at Uni and things are already super busy! Not to mention that quite a few of my friends are now having their birthdays! Come on people, I am a student, I am not made of money!

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