Inspiring myself and other graduates

Well not only am I deciding to get a professional domain name, but I have also found an outlook to write about which I feel is important to me. It is almost time to finish up the degree and head into the workforce; but what struck me was “what do I do to get into the workforce?” and also has University actually given me the skill’s the is needed to cope with work culture and expectations?
Therefore my website is going to be the findings of what it is like to transition from University to Work, I want to research about the effects positive and negative that having a degree has. Along the way I know I will write about topics in the workplace that I am sure so people would agree on, but I do think that it is important to study the shift. I have heard from vast sources that people find it easy to get jobs and while other people struggle to even get an interview, is there a reason to this? are some people simply missing the basic steps into getting an interview? or do some people just have ridiculously good luck? Plus do we have to take into consideration that external effects such as the economy may restricit us in certain fields?
Many questions, lots to answer and its all really exciting; but I do have to remember that I am still studying at the moment and that comes first! Because otherwise how am I going to do quality research if I do not have a degree myself?

Food for thought




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