The trip away from home

Wellington City, New Zealand

We all have these kinds of trips, I believe the saying is a home away from home; I know that is really meaning more along the lines of another country more than another city within you’re country but hey, here in New Zealand it cost at least a grand to go to a country that is not in the Pacific Islands or Australia.

So for me, my home away from home is Wellington, a very good friend of mine lives there and I am finally getting to go visit her! However one day I am down there she is working, so being the super awesome person I am, I have looked up places to shop for the day. Wellington is well known for it’s shopping and attractions; as I have already been to the Te Papa museum a few times, I am determined to find some bargains! I will make sure to be uber cool and take photos of the places I find these bargain and maybe if I am good I will write a review.

On a side note, I like to say the one things that astounds me is how violent social sports can be! I got this injury last night from my indoor netball game; but strangely I am not angry, I just find it funny that I was that determined to win that I fully injured myself to make sure, and proudly I can point out that my team did win the game!! Injuries to intrigue me as they are the results of us pushing ourselves beyond our limits, though however I cannot complain about my finger because my team mate my have broken her ankle, now that is dedication!
Have a awesome weekend everyone,


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