Finding the ending

Picture from Shirley

Well the deadline is close, I am almost at the end of my degree! I cannot believe how quickly it has come round, I however can relate to feeling at times when there was no light at the end of the tunnel; but now I can see it and it is getting brighter!

Seeing the light has brought somethings to mind, such as my future project the wayward professional; to be honest I am quite excited that I will get to do some personal research the interests me and maybe it could help others who have similar concerns. It is like being a baby and learning to crawl before I can walk, how will I go about the research? will I have enough time? will I get bored and forget about it? Well then I will have to treat it as an assignment and put deadlines on my goals to get things done!

I do know one this and that is I want to make my website relevant and successful and my favourite blogger Gala Darling has definitely got me motivated, let’s hope that the motivation hangs around after I finish my exams and assignments….

One thing I do know is that this idea I have not been able to shake, the idea of creating a blog about the first 5 years of work life after you finish university; the transition from years of studying to using the skills you have obtained to make a successful career for yourself.

Well we will just have to wait and see won’t we



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