Redesigning my life

I am moving on January 12th to a new flat, if any of you have taken note in my blog is that I have already moved in 2012 and now I move in 2013. I do not know what it is but I fully believe that I am cursed when it comes to staying settled in one place. But now it is going to change! I am fully confident that this new place I am moving into will be solid for more than a year, or at least until I get over to England *laughs*
It has almost reached to a point that it is tiring to keep moving so much, this year alone I have moved twice. One due to a friendship gone wrong and both of us were on the lease, second that my next head tenants wanted to leave as they had lived in the flat for about 3 years. Not having the best of luck. What do you do when every place you end up, it is only a matter of time (short time) that you have to move again? One thing is I definitely refuse to live with my parents, as much as I love them, we function more harmoniously when I do not live permanently with them.
When this move happens I will be one step closer to graduating, and one of my new years revolutions is to be more organised with myself. Now in the past and I know people can agree with me, is that when you set goals it is pretty rare that all can be achieved. However this one goal in particular I want to achieve, because I know this goal will filter down into other goals. The goal is to keep my room organised, not a large goal I have to say, but my room reflects to a point my life; which is CHAOS. My degree is Business majoring in Management, which when I think about it makes me laugh! I can organise and delegate everyone around to produce a successful outcome, but when it comes to my life, zilch  nada, not even close to sorting out my room. Which I would like to point out is my life in there. 
So in a nutshell I will blog about sorting, purchasing and organising my shift. It will include sorting out items that you know you shouldn’t really need and the trick of shifting from a large room to a smaller one. Believe me where I am moving to is a lot smaller!
Also for any of you that are in the same situation like me I found this cool website with tips and ideas to help with the big day!
Happy New Year everyone and have a Merry Christmas

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