Working & Studying

It has been just a little over 2 weeks that I have now been in my work placement, I am pretty impressed that I have managed to go 2 full weeks of working full time! What makes it even more crazy is that I am looking at my surrounding environment and for the first time my studies have started to sink in. This revelation has definitely given me a more positive look into the relevance of the importance of study for the workplace. 
I noticed the first few days at the job, that I was trying to connect what I had studied with the tasks that were required of me. What I came to realise pretty quickly was that as much as theory is there to provide guidelines, you need to see the process of how it is down within the organisation first.  My organisation I work for have got some great processes, for a small business it is very effective in retaining vital documents. However the restructure has thrown all these documents into an array and it is my task to sort out the chaos, which I have come to realise that I really really like.
What I have found is this article it was really interesting to read, yes it is common sense; but what I have discovered is that while I may think it is common sense, may not be to someone else. I also have come up with another way to improve my blogging to make it more fun and I hope that you our there in the internet world that happen to stumble across it will enjoy it too!
Peace Out

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