Procrastination Wednesday

Photo from Pinterest

Happy Procrastination Wednesday!

I hope everyone’s week is going well! I am snowed under a bit at work (not so fun) but not to worry I did find some links that I want to share with you…
  • So I look at “How to Cleanse in 2013” some ideas were good, others I am not sure I would actually do as it a) might be expensive and b) not really my thing.
  • As part of my research for my degree I have been looking into Organisational Culture and this article really made me think about how we perceive things in the work place.
  • I have been really good staying with my New Years Resolutions (currently) but I am tempted to make this Sangria reciepe, it just looks so tasty!!!
  • Lastly since I have been busy, have a look at my kitty board….yes this is the makings of a crazy cat lady!
Now I hope your week is a success and I will see you next Wednesday
Peace Out

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