Procrastination Wednesday 23rd Jan

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Happy Procrastination Wednesday

This week has been up and down for me, the good and the not so good! I haven’t been able to work on my vlog yet, due to unforeseen restrictions. Nevertheless we all with continue on, after all isn’t that what life is for? to challenge us in many ways. Keep up the good work my friends!
  • This week I discovered a beauty website based in little old New Zealand that provides items such as Urban Decay and Elf! I watch a lot of beauty channels and lots of Gurus talk about these products. But since being on the other side of the world it is quite expensive, however this site is reasonable priced and is based locally, yes!!! So that where some of my paycheck will be going, Mucho Gusto. 
  • I have noticed that my preference lately is Beauty & Fashion, but knowing me it will change sooner or later, however I found this article on shopping tips which were very handing indeed!
  • Also who doesn’t need more sparkle in their lives right now?!
  • On the organisation note, this article about organising your beauty corner is perfect for the organiser in all of us.
  • This brought me to attention about what not to write when describing yourself, it quite surprised me that people use a lot of these adjectives…
  • For starters in beauty, look at this article on what type of brushes you should use when applying make-up; it is very educational.
So lovely’s enjoy your week! Do let me know about any tips or tricks that you have come across..
Peace Out

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