Procrastination Wednesday 30th Jan

Photo from Pinterest

Happy Procrastination Wednesday

How are you today? Here in New Zealand I had Monday off to celebrate my city’s anniversary, Auckland Anniversary that is. We have been having amazing weather, which of course I have been talking full advantage of! Now that I am not working in my compulsory work placement I have found it a struggle to keep up with content, but never fear I am if not stubborn and there is still content for this week.. Just makes me think why do we procrastinate in our jobs when we are paid to complete tasks?
So onward and upwards here is my content for this week:
  • Everyone sees social media as the forefront of positivity, but what if there is are some down falls that people do not take into consideration when they jump into this world. 
  • I now drink lemon water, it is so yummy! it helps me consume more water I am not the best at drinking my 8 glasses of water.
  • Now, I came across this article about a proposal that I never expected, do out there proposal mean that there is a more likelihood that the person will say yes?
  • I may be getting old, but this piece definitely reminds me that yes, yes I am getting older and might be starting to get stuck in my ways….but in a funny way.
  • A man in New Zealand called Gareth Morgan has proposed that the government think about slowly eradicating domestic cats, as they supposedly destroying our native bird wildlife. However his accusations have holes in it and being a cat lover myself definitely did not see eye to eye on his declaration. So when I came across this article about how to turn Mr Morgan into a cat lover; I could not help but share it with all of you.
So my pretties enjoy the rest of your week, have a laugh.
Peace Out

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