Procrastination Wednesday 6th Feb

Happy Procrastination Wednesday

Happy Waitangi Day everyone, or as some Kiwi’s like to think New Zealand day. On this day the native people and British colonies signed an agreement known as the Treaty of Waitangi. I have attached this website if you are interested in the history about New Zealand! 
I hope everyone is having an awesome day, enjoy what I have found:
  • Kris Carr really puts the emphasis on how to really say No
  • Last week I put up a photo of what type of make up brushes there are, however I did find a better site that provided me with more valid information.
  • I have to agree, having a beauty routine is important!
  • If you are wanting to get into organics but not sure how to go about it, read this article.
Since Waitangi Day is a public holiday here I was enjoying the weather just a little too much, I will make up next week with some more interesting content.
Peace Out

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