Creating my own personal diet (lifestyle)

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“So as part of my healthy New Year resolution, I decided to go carb free for 2 weeks (most likely will stretch it longer but thought I would set something realistic first) similar to the paleo diet, however I take out just starch i.e. bread, potatoes etc.”

However since writing that piece it has now been well over 2 weeks and I am managing quite well, I feel a lot better not eating so much heavy starch food. A lot of products have carbohydrates in them and our body does need good carbohydrates, in today’s society we are consuming the “bad type” of carbohydrates. For example I used to consume a starch product every meal, I would have bread with my breakfast, a pasta or rice dish for lunch; then I would finish off with potatoes or bread for dinner. From my own personal research I pieced together that I did this unconsciously to make myself feel more full, as starches have less water in them as do carbohydrates such as fruit. But doing this resulted in me gaining weight because I put too much carbohydrates into my body, too much obviously freaked out my system and started producing fat.

Along the way I have purchased a clean eating guide, this was a small investment into myself; because when you think about there is only one you in this world and you only have one body. Being in my mid twenties now I definitely want to up the anti on myself, I want to be a fine wine and only get better with age. Now I ummm and ahhhh over this guide because there had been a large amount of mixed results from this guide, I choose to purchase this guide and have been happy with the resources I have been provided with. This is a lifestyle choice for me, however I do not follow this guide right down to the letter, I have lost 2 kgs while being on this guide and I know it is going to slowly come off, only with my patience and consistence.

I will document further how I am experiencing changing my own habit and creating a more healthier lifestyle, the fundamentals of my personal diet consist of:

  • No carbohydrates that consist in wheat forms; this means I choose not to eat bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etc.
  • I try and make sure that every meals has fruit or vegetables.
  • I try to regularly exercise, I play indoor netball once a week and do exercises at home. 
  • Lastly I do not beat myself up over not sticking to the rules, we all fall down and we are entitled to treating ourselves. Just not going overboard, everything in moderation.

The lifestyle change was based on me noticing changes in my body, I was tired a lot and putting so much unhealthy food into my body that I would feel bloated and sick. These changes are for my own personal benefit, I am not starving myself or denying myself enjoyment of food.

I would love to hear your comments on lifestyle changes that you have made and how they have impacted on your life. 

Peace Out



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