Beauty Review: Face Product

Photo from Lush
So Procrastination Wednesday has been and gone, but what there was nothing to read?! Sorry folks working has kept me busy and I have not been able to source anything read worthy; or more I have a few links that will be interesting but I will save them for a big post!  This week I am going to give my personal review on a product that I have used for the last 3 months and have been very happy with, I was a bit sceptical when I purchased this product but the lady at the store guaranteed I would love it and she wasn’t wrong there!!

The product I am talking about is Buche De Noel, which I purchased from a Lush store, if you have not heard about Lush it is a beauty store which bases it’s products on being environmentally friendly and ethical
When I brought this product it was a completely a new experience for me, I had used the bath bombs and soap but never had I invested in a facial product. After purchasing the item I took it straight home to try it out and boy I was not disappointed. The texture was a little bit strange a first, it felt like I was applying porridge to my face; it smelt so good I wanted to taste it! Surprising after the first wash I felt a difference to my skin, the overall effect was a smooth textured feeling to my skin; everywhere I touched had the same feel, it was a shock as to how quickly it worked. Now I have combination skin, so finding the right type of face wash becomes a balancing act. Everyone’s skin changes throughout the year whether it is from the weather or stress or the environment you work in. My pores reduced from consistent use, I was very happy at the result that this product gave me, right from start to finish! However it is a limited edition that comes out around Christmas so I now have to wait until then to purchase another one…
For the price of this product was great, it was roughly $18.00 NZD which is a little pricey, however it managed to last 3 months in which if you divide 18/3, $5 a month is something I can definitely live with. Buche De Noel is great for all skin types, so if you happen to come across it get a sample! 
I hope you found this review helpful and have a great weekend!!!
Peace out

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