Procrastination Wednesday 13th March

Photo from Pinterest

Happy Procrastination Wednesday

Yay! I am so happy I got the content this week. Felt like I had let you all down by not providing you all with a distraction for your Wednesday. So here is this weeks content:
  • Last Friday was international womens day it is pretty cool what the day symbolises, New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote and this day just made me smile. Go Equality!
  • Also check out my group pinboard it is dedicated to anything Kiwi
  • Here is an interesting review on adrenal fatigue
  • Also I read Gala Darlings beginners guide to palmistry it was amazing! definitely want to try it out on my friends
  • I just noticed that today’s date is the 13/03/13 there is a lot of three’s in today’s date, so I researched the meaning of the number 3.
Have a good read my friends and leave any comments, I would love to hear from you!
Peace Out

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