Procrastination Wednesday 20th March

Hey Peeps,

So I am a bit late this week, however I have gathered some awesome content for you all! Scientific research mixed with beauty and life advice; keep you on your toes really.

  • I could not believe it when I read this anti ageing is slowly becoming possible, kind of scary to a point don’t you think?
  • Also I have been researching different alternatives to deodorants as my under arms easily get irritated, this was definitely a good article to read up on.
  • As I try my best to not use product used on animals, it was really exciting to hear that Europe is now making legislation to ban animal testing!
  • Plus now I am getting excited for the Wicked if you don’t know what it is I suggest you check it out!!
  • I have booked my tickets to Wellington, I am off in the next few weeks to visit my very good friend, promise I will give you some info and pictures of the trip.

Lastly I brought two of these products, the Day Cream I was low on and wanted to try something new and the BB cream was an implosive buy and the fact it said that it has a matte finished drew me in. I will in the next couple of weeks right a review on how I found these products, so stay tuned.
Have a great weekend everyone,
Peace Out

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