Procrastination Wednesday 27th March

Happy Procrastination Day

I have decided to alter Procrastination Wednesday a bit, when I am going to post and it will still be every week I am going call it procrastination day, as I am seeing pattern. If I try and keep a day of the week instead of any day in the week I will end up producing links that I am not happy with and you all might not like either. However Procrastination Wednesday should always, always be celebrated! Eat something naughty or have a look at my past posts 🙂 
So to the material, I have come across some help tips and trick this week that I know we can all benefit from! Even though in the northern hemisphere it is Spring and in the southern hemisphere it will be Autumn; however I think this is just versatile enough to be beneficial!
  • This will be a must do over the long weekend (Easter)
  • I love this person review on why weirdos out do the normal it is hilarious and quite cute really…
  • Take care over this long Easter weekend and make sure you keep your body well looked after
  • Also this week I did psychometric testing for a job that I having been trying to get, lets just say it was the most strangest test I ever took
On that note have a awesome weekend! eat lots of chocolate and do things that you love.
Peace Out

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