Procrastination Wednesday 3rd April

Happy Procrastination Day

What a fantastic week! not that it has anything to do with it being a shorter working week (lies), there was a lot of news feed flying around that it has only taken me till now to sort out the good ones for you all. Also next week I will be heading to the capital of my country Wellington! So I plan to explore, take notes, create fun pictures and report back on findings just for you all.
  • Even though I am only going for a weekend travelling can throw off your body, so I have been reading up on ways to keep happy and healthy while I am travelling.
    • I found this website talking about really healthy tips for organic snacks 
    • Though I am currently having for breakfast and up&go with fruit and I find that to be a substantial breakfast to start my day off
  • The accommodation I have booked is under the Accor Hotel group, I recently have come to the realisation that travelling, whether it be small trips or large overhauls, being in a loyalty program certainly has it’s benefits. The more you travel and get points the better the deals are, also I have discovered being on this program I automatically get cheaper standard rates, if that does not impress you then what would?!
  • Also I stumbled across the top 10 dry shampoos by one of the blogs that I read, it is quite handy especially if you don’t want to have to wash your hair every second day like I do!
  • Lastly I found a great trick to making your legs smoother, I think I might try it before I head down to Wellington next week.
Thought some of you might appreciate this as much as I do, hehehe definitely a grin jerker.
Have a great weekend!
Peace Out

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