Procrastination Wednesday 10th April

My little snippet of Wellington

Happy Procrastination Day

How has everyone’s week been? I am pretty proud of myself getting this written before the week is out, I have such a blast being in Wellington and visiting my friends, I never leave Wellington disappointed!! This week’s material is based around my trip, so if you have any plans to go there I suggest to take a look at some of the places I will suggest..

  • So this is the bag I took as luggage for 2 days, I am very proud to say that I fitted everything I needed; Country Road bags are extremely popular as luggage bags for short amounts of time. If you are ever in the market for one, I suggest looking at one of these! Mine was jam packed for my 2 day adventure, you never know what you might get up to and I like to be prepared.
My room at Ibis Wellington
  • When I got in at 10.30 pm I was pretty happy to have such a comfy room as this, great size, comfortable bed and the reception on the television was perfect. The 24 hour reception was a bonus as I was worried that I might have to call a number to be let in! Overall I had a great experience at Ibis the staff were friendly and helpful, the rooms immaculately clean and the atmosphere very relaxing, but not to mention right in the middle of Wellington central!
  • I confess when I go to any place I always go check out the shops, even if they have the same shops like Auckland. I ended up purchasing essentials which made feel very pleased with myself; I brought leggings from Glassons, two beanies from Cotton On, a pair of pajama pants from Cotton On Body and of course I hit the Lush they had! Lastly I got this really nice smelling candle from Ecoya which was sold in Stevens, I am starting to get back into burning scented candles, you just cannot beat a nice smelling room or even home!
So the weekend really consisted of me catching up with friends, eating fabulous food and shopping. What more could a girl ask for? If you are looking for a great breakfast or nice place to chill out I would recommend Olive, I went there on my last day for brunch and had a really nice Eggs Benedict. On a last note when you do go to Wellington (and you should) checkout Cuba St there is such life on this street, I saw a man get arrested and I also go preached to about how I need to be religious. So get among-est the quirkiness and I will see you all next week.
Peace Out


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