Hey Peeps,

I fell behind last week in Procrastination material, I did try on Sunday to get more one review done but to my dismay I just mentally wasn’t prepared for it. On the 17th of April, I lost my beloved car MERC. Some of you may scratch your head and say “well it is just a car”, but there is so much more to that, it was my first car I ever owned; brought with my own money. I had her coming up 6 years, she at times wasn’t the most reliable car and could cost me a lot of money, but in the end she was sturdy and mine. I am fully aware I have a sentimental attachment to a car and yes it can be considered “strange” but why be normal anyway? The last week for me was of chaos and confusion, my experience with the insurance company was good until they somehow managed to not included me in the accident (shaking head). But hopefully all will be resolved,  though my car will be a write off and sold for scraps. When I was told this all I did was shudder, the visuals of my car being ripped to shreds for parts was just a little too painful.
However it was a good time to reflect on how long I had had the MERC and the memories I associated with it, there does come a time when we have to let go of things we cherish as they do not benefit us any longer. It is not to say the we will forget, but that there is a time and place for everything and something’s do come to an end, whether it be a relationship, lease or experience. If you get the chance, think back to about something you had that made you happy and reflect; did I learn anything? has something similar in that come into my life? 99% you can say yes, because there are always new possibilities knocking at our door. Sometimes we just need that extra push to realise and accept them.
Lastly, yes I am alright…
Peace Out

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