Beauty Review – Nivea & Garnier

Hey Peeps,

The weeks have seem to have disappeared, I hope everyone has had a interesting time. For me I have had a car accident, been super busy at work and still managed to fit in birthday parties in the process. What a life you might say, I say yes! but everyone can be busy it just might not be the same things as me; so again procrastination material has been sparse. So the material I present you is my opinion the two products shown above, Garnier BB Cream and Nivea Light Moisturising Day cream. In the last month or so I have started to become more and more obsessed with finding face products that are not horrendously expensive and to point actually do at least 70% of what they say the can do on the box. Well I hope this is interesting for you and is in the end helpful as a review.
I was very very skeptical when I purchased this product, “gives a matte effect” “reduces pores & imperfections”. The first thing I would like to point out is that if you are not educated on what type of skin you have any of the products you buy that are not suited to your skin type, will not be as effective as you want it to be!

Our skin changes all the time due to many external and internal elements i.e. the weather. BB cream is the current fad at the moment I have come discover why, not only does it complete one of your skin care routines but it also has traces of foundation and SPF. Upon application it looked like foundation out of the tube and had the similar texture, when I applied it to my surprise it glided on like moisturiser and did have a matte finish!

Doing the test run I checked on it through out they day and again I was pleasantly surprised, it stayed on with only a few area getting a little thin however it kept its coverage. Being a supermarket/drug store product it does a great job, it has now become a definite in my beauty bag and I would recommend giving it a go if you like tinted moisturisers or are bit young to be wearing foundation. Also please not I tested this with a other products, I used under eye concealer, general concealer and adding on top bronzer and blush. This product is great as a simple base for everyday natural wear, I would not recommend it for night wear.

Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream

Now this cream it good, not amazing or mind blowing but it completes its job of being a moisturiser. I know that Nivea followers will understand what I mean when I say it has that distinct Nivea smell; lots of their moisturisers especially have a distinct smell in which you know it is Nivea. The cream apply’s easy and is not too creamy as being a oily/combination skin I am very anti sheen! It worked well with the Garnier BB Cream, the combination seemed to help the BB Cream stay on longer and my face was not irritated by it. You cannot really go wrong with the product, great for day to day wear under other products; a good starting product also for a beauty routine or a new person taking on a facial routine.

So there is my beauty review for these two products, I do hope they were helpful! Now back on the band wagon and bring on Procrastination Wednesday. What great and wonderful site to find and explore next..

Peace Out



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