Beauty Review – Products Recently Used Up

Photo at Elephant Hill

What a world win the last two weeks have been for me! I took on a contract and it has been non stop for me since then, balancing two work loads and trying to find me time; which in the end I talk a small weekend trip away to regroup my bearings, got to love Napier!
Now in the process of these two week I managed to ruin my happy functioning eating plan, also let my room turn into a bomb site and fall behind on my blogging, the thing I am really enjoying the most. However there are priorities that do outweigh others and with contract work you have a limited time to complete the task set out for you and believe me that was the most important! 
I digress this beauty review was something I really wanted to share with you all, as a lot blogs that I read have reviews on a product but lack the lustre of what the product is actually suppose to do. So for this beauty review I am going tell you about two products that I have brought and used up and how I used them and what they are mean’t to do. Being a novice in certain beauty areas myself I find that a good review has a description as to how they are used and why, then when I buy it I don’t feel stupid in not knowing how to use  it.
So after that long winded spiel here are the products I used up:

Nivea Visage – Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner (Normal to Combination Skin)

I have been using this toner for years, it is light when you apply it and my skin feels refreshed, awake is the best way to describe it. Toner is designed as the in between of your cleansing and moisturising, it is suppose to ensure that when you clean away the dirt on your face, the toner top up any natural oils that have been stripped. What I have found is that some toners are too acidic and makes skin feel tight and can be itchy when moisturiser is not applied straight afterwards. I found the best way to distribute the toner is in a little spray bottle, I created in way a spritizer for my face, I spray the toner all over my face and neck then wipe away the residue.  The toner I found is a happy medium, there is no great result with this toner, it does its job but not to a brilliant effect; I recommend this as a staple in your beauty regime for a cheap effective toner that would go well with any routine.

Garnier – Clean Detox, Gentle Brightening Scrub

When I first used this product my skin can away slightly red, however I persevered and found that my skin did feel fresher. It claims to be a brightening scrub that clears away the dead cells and pollution from your face, however I was not sure that my skin looked fresher but it did feel it. I did used a face scrubber to help the scrub go into my pores, I think doing this helped the face product be more effective. This product I would use again but I want to find something better, this product needed extra products to make it effective on my face. I would not recommend this to beginners as the application is not easy and you need to be consciously aware of the affects it might have on your skin.

I hope this was helpful!

Expect more soon from me,

Peace Out



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