Procrastination Wednesday 19th June

Dress from Cue

Happy Procrastination Wednesday!

It has been a long time since I have done this, Uni has been my main priority at the moment and I am almost finished! Super exciting really.. Below is some material I have picked up over the last few weeks, above is the dress I will be wearing for my 25th birthday! Cue does the most amazing prints and their styles fit well to my body shape. So enjoy the rest of your week and I will get something new out to you next week, probably will be birthday focused.
  • This article really spoke to me about creating better habits in the workplace
  • As I am getting into makeup more I thought it was essential to know how to clean your equipment
  • What does your face say about you?
  • It was an interesting article about happy people, do you agree with the writer?
  • Once I have finished my last exam I will definitely be sorting out my email! it is a mess!
  • This man’s experiment was mind blowing and eye opening!
  • Also I found this pretty sweet tutorial about how to apply fake eyelashes
Well that is me, I will see you all next week. 
Have a great weekend!
Peace out


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