What to do when goals start to happen

Well it has finally started to happen, my graduation is approaching after 4 long arduous years of study I am getting my degree in management! When people say “this is going to be my year” it is because of a lot of events that are going to happen, well this is definitely going to be my year, graduation, getting a job and saving for my overseas experience. How can you not say that things are not happening?!

Since then it has got me thinking, about how do people react when they know that they are achieving their goals? It can be such an overwhelming experience, especially if the goal has taken you a long period of time and you have wanted it so badly. Once I graduate I plan to celebrate with friends my achievement by having a get together and relishing that I had finally done it! nothing beats being with your friends and having a merry old time.
It still feels surreal that I finally have reached this point in my life, I can still remember my days at high school wishing to get out and start exploring the world, now I am reflecting on how I got to where I am and if I would change anything about it. Some people can fall into a lull about how things have gone in their life, has it not turned out they way you wanted? or do you feel like you are missing out on things because you were doing something else?
Well what I can tell you is “STOP RIGHT NOW!” life is unpredictable, one minute you are doing one thing and the next you are going in a completely different direction! Can you tell me definitely that you have always done exactly what you intended to do? We can all say yes to a degree, even if we had achieved it, there would have been twists and turns in getting there. So I want to pass on a piece of knowledge that I have gained through experience and observation, do plan goals, don’t make them to super detailed! you need to have room to make adjustments; such as time, place and importance. My degree has always been the forefront in my goal setting, however I made adjustments when I learn’t that I couldn’t achieve my goal in the time I had allotted. By doing this I did not stress too much, on not initially fulfilling my goal, because I knew I would do it, just the terms had to be altered.

Now what I want you to do is practice accepting change within your goals, create a simple goal, an example would be saving for an item that you want. Allow room for flexibility and start working on it and be open minded when a hurdle comes up, once you have completed the goal reflect back on how you handle it and see if you stressed out or accepted the variable. By doing this you build a resilience to the changes that can affect our goals and direction, having a strong resilience in goal setting will actually help you reach your goals and still feel satisfied by the time you get there.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps” – Confucius

Food for thought really,
Peace Out,




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