Hey peeps!

I have been so caught up in graduation that I have completely missed keeping you posted, well what can I say, if you ever get the chance to study and graduate do it! The whole process itself was surreal, I couldn’t believe I had finally got up on stage and collected my degree. Almost four whole years it took me to acquire this piece of paper, saying that I completed the advance study in the management field. I think everyone will say that their graduation is different from anyone else’s and it is! 
AUT winter graduation consisted of the graduates walking down Queen St at 9.30 am, it definitely gives you an ego boost when the main CBD street in Auckland City shuts partly down to allow you to walk up to the centre where the ceremony will be held. I walked with a friend that I had made at the beginning of my degree, we reminiscence about the days where we would meet up for coffee and discuss how we were going to complete an assignment or that we can’t wait to graduate. It made it feel more special that I had someone who was experiencing the same thing along side me, we were definitely grinning like Cheshire cats. 

Once we arrived at Aotea Centre, we were greeted by our peers in a traditional Maori welcoming (I am pretty sure it was a welcome or at least an acknowledgement). Then we headed into the centre, I am pretty sure there was about 250 people who graduated along side me; it was surprising how many people were graduating and to think I may have walked pass these people everyday. The funny thing I experienced and I know a few of you will nod your heads in agreement, is when you walk up to the stage you feel like you are in a tunnel and all you can see is the chancellor in front of you. I was told by my friends that quite a few people were cheering for me but low and behold I heard nothing, I was that focused about not tripping I missed the cheering! 

Oh and what I wore to the graduation was a white dress from Cue and plain black flat boots that I picked up from number one shoes. As much as it would have been nice to wear heels, I knew I would not last the day in them if I did. There were some girls wearing 6 inch stellittos and you could see them wobbling as they walked over uneven ground.. maybe I am old fashion but that doesn’t seem attractive to me.

Well there is my summary of one of my life changing events, I am now a graduate! ready to take on the world of employment. Stay tuned

Peace Out


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