Wicked – The Muscial

A musical was definitely on my bucket list of things to do, everyone in there life should try and see a musical; I was really happy I went to a modern one as I think I would not be prepared enough for a classic such as The Phantom of the Opera. I know they are in different genre but it would be best to start out with a musical that had a mixture of drama, comedy and action; it keeps you more interested.

The modern musical I saw was Wicked, the story that was before Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. It was original a book by Gregory Maguire in which became so popular that it was re written for the stage and boy it now makes me want to go out and buy the book! The cast I saw were highly talented and could sing amazingly, but I guess that is to be expected when it been on Broadway for almost 10 years!! It was also quite fun when we realised that the Wizard was a Kiwi, the whole audience cheered and it made me smile to think that in a semi formal setting we cannot help but applaud and be proud at how well they are doing!!

So take a chance, try something new! I did and I certainly do not have any regrets on that aspect.




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