Spring Overhaul

Photo from Pinterest
It has come to my attention that it is time for a revamp, now that I am not a student anymore (woohoo) I think it is time to make my surroundings represent where I am in my life. Currently it is in a stage of chaos and when I mean chaos I mean I have two types of personalities mixed into one. I have my student life trying to hold strong against my approaching work life, now you may wonder what the hell does that mean?! Here is a summary of it:
  • My wardrobe is a confused mess, it does not distinguish who I am right now! There are different pieces of clothing that I do not wear anymore or that needs to be repaired or even thrown out!
  • When I look at my room I see remnants of a student life over the past 4 years and a mixtures of my new life trying to come through; so merely I have items that I used in my student years that are now gathering dust and newer items trying to fit in to my tiny little room.
As well know that most of us like to spring clean when this season appears, meaning out with the old and in with the new! To be honest I never took the “spring clean” thing seriously but as I matured I realised it is a great way to improve your surrounding for the on coming months and make room for new and exciting things.
So this week I am dedicating my spare time to spring cleaning my wardrobe, my inspiration did come from reading Gala Darling’s article on wardrobe taming and that has really got the ball rolling for my spring overhaul.
I will keep you posted on my progress this week via twitter and give you a review at the end of it!

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