The Blogcademy

All photos are by Jel Photography
If you are superstitious in any way shape or form, you know that when you go to an event and you know it just feels right… well this is was how I felt when I went to the Blogcademy! Not only did I meet my idol for the unusual and beautiful, but I meet some amazing people along the way. The Blogcademy is a course that you can take to help make you a better blogger, the content covers not only how to make your blog pretty but also how to make sure your message is getting to the right crowd. I mean at the end of the day if you want certain people to read your blog you have to make sure you are delivering the right content for them to read!! There were many moments throughout the course that I was like… oh I know that, but I just did not know how to articulate it. 
The ladies who took this seminar Gala Darling, Rock N Roll Bride & Nubby Twigglets (aka The Headmistresses) were very informative, funny and their own sparkly individual selves. I walked away from this course wanting to create, design and most of all get my voice out to you!
Take a look at the course I link above and it might just be your cup of tea…I would also like to list the amazing ladies who I was fortunate enough to meet, they have stunning blogs that I want to share with you. So start clicking and enjoy!!
  • Danielle ‘Devel’ Bunkall – her retro inspired clothing label will definitely tempt the shopaholic 
  • Sara Satterthwaite aka BusinessBestfriend – not only does Sara talk about business solution she also get some insightful tips
  • Bec Brown aka CloudsofColour – has breath taking photos and painting some amazing art!
  • Abby Drake – her blogpost are always an interesting read 
  • Jasmine Platt – A personal & spiritual development coach, an amazing woman who I really enjoyed chatting too
Much Love

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