10 Things to do while you are stuck working through summer!


If you are like me this year, I am working through the Christmas period. For me it was due to getting a new job, but I know for others that there could be multiple reasons i.e. you need the money, or you were too late getting you application for leave in…

I have designed a list for the weekend! I find that doing little eventful things in the weekend makes working through seems less unbearable.

  • Take a walk in a place you have never explored, it doesn’t need to be some remote place. Why not try a suburb that has some cute shops you have been dying to look at.
  • Grab a camera and go take pictures of the most obscure things that catch you eye, then make a collage and frame it on your wall.
  • Write a letter, it could be to yourself or to a friend and write it on the most amazing stationary and seal it with a kiss!
  • Go to that restaurant you have been dying to go to, be are just a little bit scared for multiple reasons i.e. you don’t understand the menu.
  • Play roulette and randomly pick a beverage, go down to the park, beach, lake or whatever beautiful scenery you have at your disposal and lay in the sun and think of all the good things in life.
  • Create something, like handmade soaps or cards? they would come in handy when you are short on gift ideas.
  • Volunteer at an animal centre, who doesn’t want to spend time with animals? seriously!
  • Wear outrageous things around the house and have a dance off with yourself.
  • Write a song, poem, story or anything that makes you want to rhythm
  • Lastly go to an event on your own and make a goal of how many people that you must have talked to by the end of the night (this is a big one so be realistic in your goal setting)

Give it a go, maybe you just might find that your Summer is turning into such fun!

Much love



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