Procrastination Day – Link Round Up


4 days till Christmas…Oh my!

Since everything up till then will be chaotic (shopping for gifts, deciding on what dress you will wear) I thought I would bring you some Christmas procrastination while you contemplate on the life’s first world problem. I have unfortunately not been a smart cookie and I still need to buy people presents, that means heading out into the malls which will be jam packed…shudder.

However, below you will find the fun link I have come across in the last few days so enjoy! and see you in 2014

  • I am really tempted to get into the crazy of nail art especially after seeing what celebrities have been wearing!
  • If you are anything like me, you are prone to being a complete silly bugger and get make up everywhere
  • This Marie Forleo post grabbed me! Of course I want to More Powerful, Charismatic and Persuasive in 3 Seconds!
  • Lastly I have never really been fully into Christmas but after reading this article, I feel I might change my mind in the next coming season!

Merry Christmas my sweethearts!



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