So I am not a student anymore…now what?


In recent times it could have been claimed that once you had graduated from university you pretty much would get a job, no sweat…these days it is a different story.

It was a unique feeling, that I know all students feel when they finally at the proverbial end of the tunnel. What a lot of people don’t tell you is what to do after you have graduated…Like how to start apply for employment?

Firstly you need to understand if you have not planned the next steps before you graduate this could be a hard uphill battle, meaning that you will be starting right from the bottom…but hey in the words of Drake “we started from the bottom, now where here”. A trend that has appeared is that some students have no direction after they have graduated, it was always go to ‘University get a degree’ then you will get a job. But wait one second how do you find the job? what? are we just going to walk into a company and be like hey give me a job… sadly for most of us this is not the case.

It may sound painfully simple and it is if you put some time and effort into it yes it is, a curriculum vitae aka a CV is your first step in the direction of looking for a job. From my link above there are plenty of templates, also companies that will help you write a good CV. I do however recommend that you do not put your martial status and age, this can get your CV wiped off before it get even sent to the right people. Give yourself a little mystery and of course the advantage!

Now that your CV is done what next? start looking for jobs to apply for! This can get a little daunting for many people, as it is safe to apply for any job you can get do try and filter down. For example if you have a communications degree, majoring in retail; you are not going to apply for a finance administrator’s position. Do you see where I am coming from? Try and stick to jobs that are based within your field of expertise, otherwise why did you study that profession in the first place?!

So where do you look? Try the local newspaper, Google employment agencies or employment websites. Go door to door of local companies dropping off your CV, maybe even offer a work trial for a day to get potential employers interested. There are many avenues you can try, only if you are willing is what will make the difference. However if you feel a bit overwhelmed my friend Sara has great tips on looking at the job market.

From then on keep constantly apply for positions, also don’t forget to talk amongst your friends and family they could be an unlikely candidate to get you into a job the you may actually want!

So there you have it the first part of my wayward guide (the first step into the business world), I want to simply make points that will help you be ahead in your quest for employment. There are so many who have no idea what to and that means the best people could be possibly be missing out on the perfect job for them.

Don’t let that be you!

Peace and Happiness



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