How to survive work when you are not feeling your fabulous self…


I think many of us can put our hand up and say that there has been a time, when not only you are feeling unmotivated but you feel like your body is about to explode. Recently I had this problem and I used a few methods that did counteract how I felt slightly at the beginning and worked like a charm in the end. Using a mixture of physical and mental exercises I reduced my feeling from being “murder me now” to “I can do this”, it wasn’t the miracle cure but it did make my day just a little bit more bearable.

So to start things off, I came to work feeling a little bit queasy and extremely tired. I had slept poorly through the night thanks to my kitty cat jumping all over me for not apparent reason (can I hear a amen). Many of you will probably agree you have had the same situation that I was in. By the time 9.30 am hit, I was feeling not only those two things but also dizzy too!

First thing I did was think back to any events that could have caused me to end up feeling like this, the night before I did eat food that I usually don’t have (spicy) and of course my cat was a culprit in my poor efforts of sleep. After reflecting I accepted that in the future my cat should not be allowed in my room at night and I should be careful at when I decide to try unusual food. I would like to point out that I didn’t want to take pain killers first as I wanted to use a natural method before resorting to man made substances.  I did find that reflecting back on the past event made more not be so irritated about how I was currently feeling.

On to the second thing, I researched on possible probabilities of improvement;

1. Increased my intake of fluids, I drank more water and had a cup of green tea (this was to combat both my tiredness & queasiness)

2. I communicated to my boss that I was feeling unwell, so I may be a little slower than normal

3. I choose to snack on plain items such as a banana and some wheatmeal bread

4. When I had the chance on my breaks I went out and sat outside to collect my thoughts and get some vitamin D in. Fresh air always makes me feel better!

My solutions were based on eliminating my queasiness, then trying to work with my tired body. Hydrating yourself when tired is a great to flush out toxins in your body that might be slowing you down, also eating clean food while you have a queasy stomach is a great way to slowly improve your body system.

However the most important thing I learnt and is critical in the whole survival guide is COMMUNICATE! The fact that I mentioned to my boss I was feeling unwell set the benchmark for the treatment I was going to receive. If your body is not responding to the treatments you are giving it, you do not really want to have your boss breathing down your neck or thinking that you are slacking off. So even if you choose to do your own methods of improving how your body feels, make sure that those around you understand that you are not functioning at your normal fabulous level.  This might just be the factor in making you survive the day!

To a classy revival of our exhausted spirit!


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