Procrastination Day: Link Round Up

Gaffaney WeddingMe and a few friends at a fellow girl’s wedding

Time fly’s why you are having fun! I am living the moment and of course during summer there is a lot more events to attend…all the more reason to dress up I say :). My link round up is focused on what I have been reading straight from my inbox, I would love to get some recommendations from you all as to what you read. But for now have a little squizzy and let me know what you think!

  • Sally Hope is inspiring me to keep at what I am doing…
  • Marie Forleo has been giving me more reasons to kick my own butt
  • This post about 9 dudes you should do was hilarious! I could possibly tick off a few though..
  • I was struggling to understand how you can define yourself as a professional well James Clear put it into great perspective!
  • Lastly I came across this article that Gala Darling wrote about Girl Code, not only do I fully agree with it but I also believe that women should start implementing this more.

Much love and magic,



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