How to reflect about you!


Recently I attend an event called Live Your Legend workshop/seminar…how I ended up at this event was from a friend of mine Danielle who I befriended at blogcademy. It got me thinking about how to look at yourself and reflect, I will be the first to put up my hand and say that “yes, I try to avoid reflecting about myself”. However what I have come to realise is how am I going to be the best that I can be if I do not reflect on the positive and negatives?

Over the last year I have taken knowledge from some of my idols and start to work on the things that I want to improve. But I had not put it into fruition, I came to this realisation at Live Your Legend. This workshop is people coming together to talk and share their life experiences, but what makes this different is that we are all together discovering what we are passionate about and how we can do what we are passionate about.

What saddened me a bit was that I was frightened about moving forward with my ideas. It comes as no surprise that the people around me were experiencing the same things but in different forms. So if your peers around you are frightened, how can you not be? Well my angels, here is my little secret for taking the first step towards reflecting on myself…the wayward way!

  • The first thing is practice understanding your own criticism, an example is when you have that little voice in your head saying “I can’t” challenge it with “why not?”
  • Second to counter act you justification of “I can’t” starting going, well if I fail at least I tried!
  • Then after trying I sit down and go “yes I did it” “I tried”
  • From there I write the emotions I feel and see if I can connect positive and negative association to what I have done
  • After doing all this I switch back to reality and go out there and try something else

It may sound silly but you need to become friends with your mind, doubt creeps in due to the lack of confidence you have in yourself. Unfortunately outside influences cause this… so getting yourself back to being friends with your mind will take some time, we are not all without our doubts but that doesn’t mean we cannot make them our strong points either.

So bite the bullet, challenge your mind, make them your friend! Go out and try something then reflect back on how you felt… Besides if we can’t be friends with ourselves, how can we be with others?!

To making your own reflective path,


Image Credit: Xopher Wallace


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