When the bad weather hits… 10 tips to keeping yourself occupied while indoors

Since there is a cyclone about to pass over New Zealand, I have brought up a list of things I like to do when going outside does not seem viable. I hope you find these useful or at least something to inspire you later on!

  • ·        Rearrange you wardrobe, Gala Darling wrote an article on how to rearrange your wardrobe! Who doesn’t love a tidy space?!
  • ·        Practising cooking, make some dishes for the rest of the week or maybe even try out that devil chocolate cake recipe
  • ·        Arrange Skype dates with family overseas – if you are anything like me you are prone to not keeping in contact with relatives so why not arrange a time to speak with them
  • ·        Have a bath – now I know there are some of you who neglect your poor bath, so treat it and yourself! Even get some pretty things for Lush?
  • ·        Give yourself so beauty loving – been meaning to paint your toe nails, or pluck your eyebrows? Guys have you meant to trim those side burn or get a haircut…why not?!
  • ·        Exercise! – Whether it be yoga, kick boxing, stretching or squeezing a run/walk while the weather holds out. Get that blood pumping!
  • ·        Tidy up your desktop – computer running slow? How about you sort out all the bad photos and get rid of music you don’t listen to?
  • ·        Catch up on those television series you have been neglecting
  • ·        Update your social media or upload those photos you have been meaning to edit
  • ·        Have your friends over for an intimate dinner – why not if they are like you stuck at home, round everyone up for a night social cheer!

Much love and procrastination,



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