How to negotiate like a boss!


There comes a time when you will have to ask for something from your boss, whether it be for better pay or something else that is important; its critical to know how to negotiate and get what you want 🙂

I thought I would share some tips with you around negotiating for what you want, so you can be a boss and get that happy result! I mean at the end of the day your employer does want you otherwise he wouldn’t have hired you in the first place (I know there are exceptions to the rule)…

So firstly you need to sit down and think…what do you want? are you wanting a pay rise? a promotion? or just plan recognition that you hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Cardinal rule, if you don’t head into a negotiation without at least a fundamental idea about what you want, you can end up walking away with nothing or sadly even in a worse position.

Another point to take into consideration is your worth, we are prone to under valuing ourselves. Write down points as to why you are an assest to the company; do you make a contribution that others cannot? Or do your skills make you stand out from the rest?! Then translate this into $$, look at the market and see positions similar to your one and see if they are offering the same or if there is a trend of pay by other companies.

Now after you have applied these points, you need to consider where you are having this meeting. What some may not realise is that positive negotiations happen in positive environments. For example if you negotiate with your boss in their office the feeling of defeat can be the white elephant in the room. Then vice versa if you get your boss to come to you, they can feel trapped and pressured. What I suggest is to have a meeting outside the office, maybe in a cafe? Somewhere netural, this takes away any hostile feel from both sides.

Then starts the actual negotiation, remember you need to listen to how your employer answers your demands. Some good techniques for intiating negotiation is to say “thank you for taking the time to see me” or “I understand you are quite busy, however I want to discuss with you my current job situation”; the best one I find that works well for me is “I feel that I needed to express my concerns about where I stand and hopefully we both can find a solution that is agreeable to both”. It might sound a bit robotic to you but remember to put your own spin on it, approach your boss the way you know best!

Well my friends I hope you find these tools helpful and that when you negotiate you get what you want! Please tell me how it goes if you do have to negotiate, I would love to hear your feedback.

Much Love and Magic



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