Bye job it was fun while it lasted

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I took my own advice today, I quit my job…such mixed emotions saying that. One side is deliriously happy, the other side is going ahhh what have you done? I always have said to people do not stay in something that you do not at least feel passionate about. I am not saying you should all get up and leave your jobs, but what I am saying is reflect on what is important to you. It took me well over a month to decide what was right for me, I want to work in an environment where I make the biggest impact on people, whether it be the staff or the customers.

So what makes you happy? or at least what makes you feel productive? satisfied or down right stoked about what you do. It is very common, wait let me rephrase it is RIDICULOUSLY common that people are not satisfied with what they do. From a employer’s perspective, studies such as HerzBerg’s two factor theory have shown that satisfied workers are motivated by achievemnet and recognition, they are much more productive and want to help improve the companies success. Therefore once you have found what makes you passionate, align that with a job you think represents that. Because if you are not satisfied in your job there are higher chances you will not be happy and not be proactive in your job; therefore it is a lose/lose situation for both parties.

For me the doors are open now to all possibilities and I am ready to take them head on!

which door will you go through?

Much love and Magic




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