Why the Wayward Professional?

Now that I am more dedicated to making my blog fantastically helpful, I thought I would give you a little insight as to why I started…

Over a year ago I discovered that I had a knack for communicating, it may have taken 25 years to figure that out…but wow I am so happy I figured it out! What I am passionate about is helping people achieve their goals, I don’t know why but I get an amazing zest after someone tells that I was a great help and that they achieved what they wanted to! As the years went on I discovered that many people had no idea about how to get around in a business environment, let alone everyday life at time. But being bought up in a business environment due to my parents being self employed, I didn’t realise that many people never had the tools I did. So that’s when I decided to create the wayward professional, my blog is dedicated to helping people in the business world, through the tools I create. I am in the processing of create a few easy products to help people showcase who they are..but also in the blog I wanted to share lifestyle and business tips too, the blog has been design to be fun and also inspire people to do business well; but on their terms 🙂

So I hope you will jump on board the wayward train with me, I plan to make it I real adventure!

Much love and magic




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