How you can still look your badass self while in an relationship!


There comes a time when you might realise that a new relationship is stopping you from being the best you can be at work. Does this sound like you? You are sleep deprived because you let your boy/girlfriend keep you up talking about absolutely nothing…your appearance at work is below pa, you clothes are crinkled and you hair is constantly pinned back. You room is starting to gather dust from the lack of use. Well my waywards I hate to tell you but you are being sucked under by the realtionship bug. I am not saying relationships are a bad thing but if you are not smart you end up, being horribly unproductive at work because you are letting your relationship get in the way. So I have come up with a way to that can help the hopelessly in love, it will help you keep on top of your badassness as you always look in top condition! (car terminology much?)

Right so first things first you need to admit that you have a problem, like alcohol or drugs you need to admit that you have problem with keeping your life organised…this doesn’t mean you need to be a control freak, but having spares or backups can come in handy. If you suffer naturally from being messy like myself, I found a fun article called “The Messy Person’s Guide to Staying Organised” once you have had a little read of this; then carry on further down the post.




One of the first things you need to consider is where you spend most of your time, at their house or at your house? If it is the first one you then needing to ask yourself a few questions, do I leave their place to head to work? And do I go straight to their place after I finish work? With myself there are a couple of days in the week that I stay overnight and leave straight to work from his place. So here is the first tip, have a satchel always at hand! I use a country road one, in the satchel I have:

  • A spare change of clothes that could be reused over a couple of days (there are always scenarios where you end up unintentionally staying longer and you need to work with what you got)
  • Deodorant and Moisturiser (body & face) – do you want to be smelly and flaky?!
  • Hair Brush, Body Wash, Shaver and a Toothbrush
  • Makeup – any women that work usually have to wear makeup and also it is nice to have something to enhance you when you are not feeling oh so fabulous…
  • Lastly I have a couple of accessories, beanie (as its winter at the moment) a necklace and earrings to switch up!

What I didn’t tell you is that I also have gym clothes in my bag, but this is only because I workout quite a bit and I also workout with my boyfriend. So when he wants to go I am prepared 🙂

After awhile I am sure you will leave things behind at your other half’s place, but if everything is new this is a good way to keep effortlessly together…I mean you can change it to whatever suits you best.



Now go forth and conquer my waywards! be fabulous, unique and amazing because that is what we all are!!

Much Love and Magic





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