It is time for an adventure!

I know my bucket list page has been a bit quiet lately, but that is because I have not had a chance to start working on the list. I need point out some of the things on my list require a lot of time or $$ and well all know that sometimes it delays things.

But now…its time to add the biggest item to my bucket list! My 2015 OE!!! So what does this bring for my readers pleasure? Well you will get posts on how I am planning my trip, this includes anything from visas to activities in the countries I plan to visit. I want to share with you the restrictions and the easy breezy ways on how you can plan a trip! Then I am also going to try and keep posting while I travel so you can see the full extent of what I have got myself into.

So with our futher or do here is the first part of my overseas experience series.

Now when I first thought about my OE it was pretty traditional, now when I say traditional its very common in New Zealand.  What I am talking about is lots of kiwis “OE” are just the basic go and live in London. I am not saying it a boring thing to do and I will be the first person to put my hand up and say that is exactly what I plan to do…however I am now detouring from this idea (thanks to the boyfriend) I will end up leaving in London its just now I am going to make a big adventure out of it.

Therefore I will be heading to…


If you can’t tell from the book, I definitely plan to do south east asia on a budget! Also I will be going to Beijing, Japan & America before I hit England. This is looking close to about a 6 month adventure…I have a mixture of excitement and fear! It is a daunting concept but I guess we all need to throw ourselves into the deep end one way or another.

So my friends will you join me as I prepare and the travel throughout a large part of the world?! I would love to hear your advice on places and if there is something I shouldn’t miss out on.

Annnnnndddddd where off!

Much love and Magic



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