Those items you cannot live without (desk edition)

When we are at work there are certain staple items we reach for that make our work much easier, so for today I have complied my top 5 items commonly reached for at work.


Pens – I am addicted to ink pens, I enjoy the colours and consistency they give, plus I always get comments on how nice my pens are! Great conversation starter if you are new to the job…


Sticky Notes– whoever created these was a genius! The colours and sizing appeal to the organisation freak inside of me. Whether you use them to take down phone messages or as reminder you put on documents these are super handy!


Folders– I like the clear plastic sleeve ones that you can get in different colours, they are great organisation tools and them being slightly see through helps you remember quickly what is inside each folder.


Stapler– if you don’t staple important documents together you are bound to lose them…period.


Hole Puncher– how are you suppose to file things away without hole punching?!

I know some of you will agree with me on these points, but if you have any other items you think are just as important hit me up on twitter or leave a comment below. I always love to hear back from you 🙂

Much Love and Magic



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