Mobile Etiquette


This has been an issue for me for the last 5 years, maybe it is because I am getting older or maybe its because I don’t like being ignored; but it just grates my nerves and also makes me feel bad for the recipient on the other end of mobile rudeness.

Therefore I created a mobile etiquette that you can pass on to your friends or just pressures others to follow (evil witch laughing)…because everyone should be enjoying each others company and not just sitting on their phones and occasionally engaging with each other.

☆ Keep your phone off the table during a meeting whether it be a catch up with a friend or a business meeting.
☆ If you invite someone to meet you and you sit on your phone the whole time it gives that person a distinct impression that you don’t want to be there or that they are boring.
☆ Preferably you shouldn’t use your phone at all during the meeting, only if you are expecting a call and you have let the other person know.
☆ Do take photos of yourself and your friends but control on the selfies and make sure the photos are done in a good amount of time, also hold off uploading until you are away from your friend. Enjoy the moment and save the comments and uploads for later!

☆ I really like that some people have made games, such as the mobile stack if you touch you mobile during your meal then you have to pay for the whole meal which includes everyone’s on the table, great concept!

Remember the world is not going to end if you don’t check your phone for an hour, if its really important that person should be calling…

Much love and magic



2 thoughts on “Mobile Etiquette

  1. Excellent tips!

    I’m one of those useless people who is COMPLETELY obsessed with their phone, but I always try and keep it out of sight when socialising… nobody feels good when their company’s eyeballs are glued to a little glowing screen!

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