Procrastination Link Round Up – June


    As this week has been the build up to my birthday, I thought my monthly link round up would be a nice touch. I have been a little short on reading material as I have been devouring good old fashion books. But without further or do here is the June edition:

  • For all my dairy free people I came across this recipe that would just make your weekend that much more yummier!
  • Now that I am on a mega saving scheme for my trip, I have become selective on my garment selection; so if I am going to spend money on quality then I need to know quality when I see it.
  • I was obsessed with MAC’s release of their limited addition Maleficent make up, come at me red lipstick!!
  • And who doesn’t love quotes and truth connected by sex and the city
  • The huffington post wrote a nice article about being mindful at work
  • new song addiction 🙂 do it click it….
  • Have a great weekend everyone,



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