Wayward Tip: Techno Travello


As I am currently out of the country and good old me never got content finished to send while I am away. I thought I would share with you my little tip of how I stay connected (online that is) during a vacation or travel adventure!

Now recently I acquired a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, thanks to my dad not wanting because he already had a tablet #bestdadever. Little did I know that this tablet would be the best thing ever! As this tablet has a sim card feature,  it means I can use it as a phone and a portable computer.

So when I land in a new country that I will be staying in for a long amount of time (I consider at least more than 4 days) I purchase a sim card on arrival at the airport.  However recently I have discovered heaps of supermarkets do sell sim cards at their checkouts. Absolutely brilliant I say! I purchased a $2 micro sim at coles and then choose a pre pay plan that had a large amount of data. Then BOOM, I was internet ready 🙂

Another feature I use is hotspot or what some call thethering, this means whoever I am with can have internet as well! You can go 50/50 to get a good combo, I find by doing this you stay more connected and that you can research easily places to visit and save the moolah…

There you have it, my little tip for being a more techno travello!

Much Love and Magic



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