Finally I can tell you about my little adventure in Cairns, to be honest I never known much about Cairns. So when I arrived I discovered that it was a tropical climate and though we had come in winter it was 25-27 degrees per day. Cairns is a very small town of around 143,000 people, what struck me as a bit of a surprise is that there was no beach and that if you wanted to go to a beach you had to drive to one. But what they did have which I thought it was amazing, was this large pool at the bottom of the city called the Lagoon; the picture above does not give a full scope of how large the pool is. With its infinity pool like feature at the end and the sand on one side of the pool, it became one of the place we stopped by almost everyday; it was fun to watch the people suntanning themselves on their lunch break. Whoever design that pool definitely would get a high five from me, it was a great concept!


One of the attractions I visited was Hartleys Crocodile Adventure its great! A park dedicated to preserving Crocodilians, the had a feeding show which explained why they do what they do. Also the park is like a Zoo which you can get up close and see the Crocs in their natural habitat and also one of the random things was that they had a Wallaby enclosure which was awesome 🙂 panting Wallabies never gets old.


I also went out to Cape Tribulations for a nice drive through Australia’s rainforest, it was funny to see signs that say “do not swim in the water, crocodiles inhabit the area. The waves at the beaches were quite small compared to what I see in New Zealand, but it was nice to sit down and take in the scenery.


I also went out to the great barrier reef and went snorkeling with the fishes, however since I don’t have a waterproof camera there is no pretty pictures of colourful fish.

Overall Cairns was a sweet time, great adventure, amazing sunshine and most of all relaxing! So tell me do any of you go away mid year? If so what places do you travel to?

Much Love and Magic



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