8 Amazing Rituals for Entreprenuers


Unlike Traditions that are passed down from generation to generation, rituals give anyone the freedom to create the habits that they want. Entrepreneurs are similar to rituals they create what they believe is missing in the world and make it their own. Rituals are also a great way to create, motivate and centre yourself. Therefore I have created a go to list of possible rituals you could use in your everyday day life, it might inspire you to step outside the box. So here are my 8 amazing rituals:

☆ Read more – whether its fiction or non fiction, immerse yourself in the world of literature. Reading it a great way to inspire ideas or just relax you and take you away from reality for a period of time.

☆ Listen to others – try networking events, talk with friends, family or coworkers. Jump on to Tedx and listen to people talk about issues that are close to them.

☆ Enjoy so alone time – even if you are a big people person its healthy to have some down time. Have a place you like to go to, it might be a park or the beach? Spend sometime looking after you, because otherwise however are you going to make your stamp in the world if you are burning the candle at both ends?

☆ Write your ideas down – even if you feel that they are stupid or that nothing will become of it, writing things down helps you transform. But you need to remember no idea is silly, its just still in its infant form ready to grow.

☆ Give back – it might doing random deeds for people or just helping an old lady cross the street. Giving back in your neighborhood, community or even globally makes you understand how the world works and that is the best knowledge to have.

☆ Challenge traditions – who said you cannot think outside of the box?! If there are traditions in your field that seem out of date, then challenge them make people think. Make your own and dance around the restraints, you are never meant to be caged!

☆ Follow your ideas and the plans will start to spring to life.

☆ Remember smile through the bullshit – when life is giving you lemons just give it a smile. It’s not always going to be peachy, but keeping a positive attitude makes those rainy days much more bearable.

Happy Ritual Hunting,



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