Why Work Abroad?


The International StadiumWelcome to the first part of The Wayward Guide to the International Stadium! before you even step onto the plane every Wayward needs to consider the benefits and challenges they might face if they choose to travel abroad for career purposes.

Below I have put together a pros and cons list of why you should consider for about International Stadium,

unique industries, in your home country there maybe a predominant industry this is common; international travel gives you opportunities to try out new industries that might have not be available to you.
pay opportunities, there are a lot of countries that pay much better and if you are seeking higher pay, other countries might have larger more appealing pay packages.
tropical climate, if you come from a colder climate then you can pick a destination where you can experience beautiful weather! Or you can go for colder climate just to try something different?
more friends to make, this is definitely one of my favourite pros as I am a big people person; who doesn’t want a reason to meet new and exciting people?!

lack of financial stability, you might find it a struggle to get a job straight away and the funds you have brought with you a dwindling away due to the cost of living in that country.
start up costs, when you come to a new country the start up costs can really take a big hit. if you move into your own place the connection fees and shopping can make money more stretch.
language barriers, if you move to a country that doesn’t speak your native language then you are going struggle; unless you are bilingual this could be overwhelming trying to communicate with others.
international laws, coming into a different country there will be differentiation of laws compared to your own country. However this can be fixed by studying up before you go, its always good to check their laws on contracts, human rights and road rules.


Pros and Cons


These points cover the very important parts of the international stadium, I am sure you can come up with plenty of other benefits and challenges. But really it is down to you and why you want to take on the international stadium, be strong and be clear about what you want to achieve! Then you cannot go wrong?!

Lets go!



Also I have collaborated with Laura from theworkher.com, she has first hand experience at moving to the International Stadium and wrote this article about what to expect when you land in the another country. Below I have put a little info about this fabulous lady, you should check her out!

Laura Douglas


Laura Douglas is an award winning PR professional blogging about being a young female in the workplace. Her blog,www.theworkher.com, is a survival guide for young working women, covering advice, inspiration, interviews and issues. It’s becoming the go-to source for graduates, those in their first few years of work as well as experienced professionals and women climbing the corporate ladder! Plus she also attend AUT University in Auckland which makes her extra cool in my book, please pop on over and say hi 🙂



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