Stage Two: Deciding on a Budget – Part 1



Photo Sourced from Robert Potvin

Even the smallest trips have a budget, after setting our destinations that we want to visit; we finally started looking into the technical stuff…Funds! Unless you are a millionaire you want to have a budget, because at the end of the day you don’t want to end up cutting your trip early due to not having enough dosh left. (A big boo boo really).

This section will be broken down into Parts, the first is accommodation (below) the second is transport (to follow) and the last part will be the food.

The best thing I have discovered is the Lonely Planet books, they give a budget in which you can base your accommodation and food on; you might even get lucky with a budget for entertainment. This has been a great starting block for me as I had no idea where to start from in the beginning. As I am trying to cram as many places into my trip, I need to be a switched on planner.

The first part is South East Asia, luckily the NZ dollar is strong against the Thai, Myanmar and Malaysian currency. From that I have budgeted $10-$20 per night for accommodation, whenever possible I will always try and get a cheaper alternative. There are some cases where it will be $30 a night, but this does cover two people and some areas in certain countries will be inflated due to busy season. Also I have discussed with my boyfriend and other people who have traveled to Asia that it might be cheaper for us to book upon arrival. For example the Koh Phi Phi islands is where everyone recommends selecting accommodation on arrival, there was even a youtube clip I watched that explained that when you get off the boat you can walk around an inspect places and then book. Many Asian countries do not believe in refunds so examining rooms is a must!

It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with the idea of not booking accommodation for some areas and honestly I still struggle with it. I come from a traveling background where you prebook your accommodation to get the better deals and to save on the hassle.

However when we finish up in South East Asia, its recommended that for Beijing, Japan and America that you pre book for better deals and also as the accommodation structure is different than South East Asia. Now the budget for the 3 continents is $40-$100 per night, which is a significant leap compared to South East Asia; though it still covers for 2 people which is the better alternative.

So the current budget for accommodation is as follows:
75days in South East Asia at $30 (max) per night is $2,250
44days in Beijing, Japan and America at $100 (max) per night S4,400

That is a total of: $6,650 for accommodation
Individually it is: $3,325 each

For almost 5months of traveling this is pretty manageable for 2 people, there will be times where accommodation will be cheaper than budgeted. I was realistic in my maximum budget, otherwise it might sting us if we are not prepared.

You might ask how I am keeping America at under $100 a night, well my friends the secret is Airbnb, you can stay in peoples homes quite cheaply; because lets be honest all you need is a comfy bed and a hot shower to set you right.

Part 2 to follow, this will be the flight costs along with local transport.

Happy travels!


2 thoughts on “Stage Two: Deciding on a Budget – Part 1

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  2. I love the lonely planet books too! They are fantastic. I’m awful at budgeting so next time I go away I think I’ll be heading back here to remind me of how best to do it! Thank you for sharing your tips!


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